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World Parkinson’s Day – 4th April 2018

Parkinson’s Australia

​Parkinson’s Australia is the national peak body and charity representing more than 70,000 Australians living with Parkinson’s.

What Causes Parkinson’s

Currently there is no known cause of Parkinson’s or understanding of why some people develop Parkinson’s and not others. This is the reason Parkinson’s is often referred to as “Idiopathic (cause unknown) Parkinson’s”.

There are many theories as to the causes of Parkinson’s and it is generally thought that multiple factors are responsible.

Through research, our understanding of the possible causes of Parkinson’s is increasing all of the time. Areas of current research include: ageing, genes, environmental factors, chemical exposure and virus like structures called prions. For more information on Parkinson’s please see link below.